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I understand. I think I am looking at things from a rose-tinted perspective since GS was my first Pokemon game ever, and the one I spent the most time replaying.

It is sad that the Fire types are few are limited.

It also does feel a little half-assed, as the game COULD have been made a tad better, and there certainly was room to make the game more entertaining as they had plenty of funds since the success of the anime and Stadium. They could have made Team Rocket more involved, everything could have been more involved.

And truth be told, as I remember the game, I couldn't help but feel a little old when I played it. When I first mentioned the Edo-feel it was in the sense that it was amazing, but really, with Silver's black and white feel, the ruins, the old art style, the mythology, the hardly involved criminals, it feels almost like an old man.

The villains are all ineffectual EXCEPT for Silver. all the character seemed old or too mature for their age. Everyone felt like a parent or a role model. The villains were more bland than in Red.

Now I hate you Vapes How dare you show me the light as to why my FAVORITE Pokemon game is the most overrated of them all.

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