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Iny Gage - Raikou dorms

"Awh, I got the berries class too but it's my first class..." She says slightly disappointed. "Would have been cool to have someone in there I knew but oh well. Maybe I still have a class with Gwen! Although, I don't think you wanna be with me, I seemed to have gotten the two boring classes" She says rolling her eyes.

"Anyway, I'm headed to the cafeteria too! I haven't eaten anything since I gotten here, I Feel like I could eat a truck." She whines a bit as she follows.

As Iny followed she was hoping she wasn't being too Annoying. She hardly knew anyone here yet so she wanted to make sure she made some quick friend but she felt like she was being a bit too pushy. It seemed like they were quite a bit older than her, especially with Gwen Being almost a head taller, So she hoped she wasn't bugging them too much.
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