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Congrats on the shiny Sandshrew, GolurkIsDaBomb!

Congrats on the shiny Pidgey, PekoponTAS!

Congrats on the shiny, nizare18!

Congrats on the shiny Zubat, Keruso!

Welcome to the club, drewbie411 and Bern!

@Bern Hasty is decent. It's good to have a +speed nature on Golbat. I caught a female shiny Golbat in gen 3 too. I duplicated it using the Battle Tower glitch in Emerald so I could have multiple Golbats and Crobats.

I was extremely busy last week, so I completely forgot to post a weekly hunt. Sorry about that. To make up for it, I will post two for this week.

This week's random hunts are... Kricketot and Tynamo!
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