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Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
By far, by FAR, generation I and V. One my opinion, the region's design is extremely boring and lack-luster compared to that of Johto's, Hoenn's or Sinnohs. Black and White proved to be terrible games for me, most of the Pokemon, (there were a few shining starts like Reuniclus, Krookodile, Liepard, Seismitoad, Beartic, Volcarona etc), proved to be horrifically ugly. But that's just my opinion! :]
While I disagree with you on Gen V being overrated and personally say it's underrated, (Learned to love alot of the Pokemon myself and only thing it lacked to me was the region.) I can definitely agree that Gen I is overrated.
Don't get me wrong, I love gen 1 and all the generations. I grew up with gen 1, it was the generation that got me into Pokemon. Red was the first game I played. Though now when I play through it ,it doesn't seem the same to me. Of course it's nostalgic, but Kanto is sort of boring after playing through the region in 6 games. Plus there's tons of glitches and ugly sprites.
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