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I always found the first two generations to be overrated... As someone who got into Pokemon around Generation 4, I have to say that I don't really see the first two generations in the same light as those who see it through the goggles of nostalgia.

When I see Generation 1, I see a fun game, yes... But I also see the worst region design, the Pokemon designs were good but the sprites were pretty bad, and the story was pretty nonexistant. It was a good game at the time, but it really doesn't hold up to the more recent Pokemon games.

And when I see Generation 2, I see the smallest region; the entire Johto region, including water routes, fit into the land part of Hoenn with room to spare. I also see a stripped down version of Kanto. I liked the additions to HG/SS, but the region seemed to, even with the rewrite of the terrain, be a pretty boring layout compared to, say Hoenn or Unova (From Black 2 and White 2, not the first version of Unova.).

Then again, opinions.
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