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Chapter 0 – Eclipse N. Artemis – Sign-Up


Name: Eclipse Nightmare Artemis

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Species: Umbreon

Team: The Stealthy Sneakers Title: <Leader> Chieftain of The Stealthy Sneakers

Appearance: Eclipse has the standard black fur of most Umbreon although his circular rings glow blue. Also he has a purple bandana that he wears around his neck. His size is fairly average but usually he projects himself as being larger than he really is. Personality: Although he is a guild leader, Eclipse is observant and calm so he can observe his surroundings and put them at good use. He is good at adapting towards the situation without hesitation. He dislikes being the center of attention if it's unnecessary and will avoid doing so whenever possible. He is inexperienced as a guild leader although he was a protege of the previous leader. He dislikes slackers but is very willing to help those who put work into the guild. He isn't emotionally attached towards his guild members although he isn't coldhearted towards them. Sarcasm and being snarky are his common traits. Stealth is Eclipse's primary technique, although he isn't the strongest he is definitely the sneakiest. He is very surveying and he NEVER let's his emotions get in the way of his work although outside of his work he loses some seriousness. Also there is no adventure to big for him. He also has a dislike of those who steal just for the sake of stealing from others instead of doing it as a mission. As a guild leader, he can be very strict towards those who aren't in his favor. Many people say that he has a terrifying presence and this is partially why he doesn't show himself around the guild a lot.

History: As a child, Eclipse lived with his father in Saccularius Town although his father was hardly home due to being a member of a rescue team. Eclipse's original goal was to become like his father and travel the world to help others. Traveling outside of Saccularius Town seemed impossible for Eclipse thirteen years ago when the land was safer to roam. As a child, he would get sick easily and would always fall ill whenever leaving the area. He always wanted travel the world and this encouraged him even more. When he recovered from his shortcomings of getting easily sick, the world became a more dangerous place in the area and he had no choice but to join a guild, thinking it would provide him with allies to travel with. Soon he became allied with the largest local guild, the Stealthy Sneakers and soon joined them once he saw missions entailed traveling to foreign lands. The treasures and other rewards were just an additional prospect of joining although Eclipse really didn't care for material things. He soon took up a few solo expeditions for a few years and returned with plenty of tales and adventures of the lands abroad and along with these stories came a massive improvement of his skills. Eclipse soon took up a habit of traveling solo but seldomly with other Pokemon to fulfill bounties on wanted contracts and became well known throughout the guild. Eventually it was well enough for the previous guild leader, Rex, to take Eclipse up as his student. Soon after a few months passed, Rex disappeared and the remaining guild appointed Eclipse as a temporary leader, believing that Rex planned to do so all along. All Rex left behind was a short amount of training and the guild. Time passed and soon Eclipse was set as the permanent leader of the guild after he showed his prowess and his ability to make the guild well known to the world. Even though he was new at the job, he proved himself capable to lead whether he needed to rule with an iron fist or just have others be in his terrifying presence. Even though he was declared the leader of the guild, only few knew so because he wanted to remain discreet. Since he wasn't known to most of the guild as the leader, he is able to travel about without recognition and he is able to move freely about the guild without being treated as such. Eclipse is now currently dedicated leader of the Stealthy Sneakers although some deemed him too irresponsible for the job.

Level: 40

Moveset: Faint Attack, Moonlight, Bite, Dark Pulse, Pursuit, and Faint Attack


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