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"Oh yeah? I dare you to come over hear and try it!" Sprinkles cried, though to everyone but Brian and the other pokemon in the room. The girlish looking vee glared daggers at Roberto, and Brian shook him gently.

"Calm down Sprinkles..." he said softly, petting the eevee, who reluctantly settled down. He did not need an issue today... Not now. He pet Sprinkles more and fished in his bag, pulling his ratty looking notebook out, struggling to find a pencil as he waited for class to begin.


Kiki grinned happily as she watched Cynder. the mouse was so cute. She looked up and listened to Shawn. they were in the same classes? Great! She looked curiously at the ball, curious as hell

"Awesome! Let's go! Let's go!" she said, smiling brightly and pausing as he asked about Jen.She blinked, not really remembering...

:Um... Let's go to class!" she said, trying to get off of that subject.
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