Thread: Weekly Poll: Eelektross vs Klang
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This week's poll features two of Chargestone Cave's greatest

Both of these Pokemon can become great members to your team with each having a great stat boosting move at their disposal. Klang gets a signature move in Shift Gear, while Eelektross has access to Coil. Eelektross can run a mixed attacking set, while Klang usually sicks to a physical set. Another thing that both of these Pokemon have in common is the great escaping move, Volt Switch.

When comparing the two, I want you to also base it on which you'd use competitively, which do you think has the better chance, which you used in-game, which you like the design-of best, and what strategies you think one could use to beat the other. Each week these polls will continue until all combinations and tiers are used up (each Pokemon compared will be from the same competitive tier). To find out more about tiers, and how you can get the most out of these Pokemon, check out Battle Center. So which do you choose? Don't forget to post in the thread when voting in the poll, either!
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