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Fair Warning: I will anger some of you with my response, but please take my opinion into account

In my opinion, Gen 1 was the most overrated. Don't get me wrong, it was an awesome gen, but with so many people growing up with it, it has to get a lot of credit, no matter what it is, Pokemon, Game System, Music, etc... But let me tell you why Gen 1 is the most overrated

1: Pokemon Designs

Yes, I know, gen 1 had some awesome designs, but in there, there were some uncreative ones. Magneton, Dugtrio, Dodrio, all of them are almost exact copies design wise as their previous form. People also bash Trubbish and Garbodor for being trash pokemon (literally, and figuratively) when they forget that they loved Grimer/Muk. Voltorb/Electrode also go on this list for uncreative pokemon, simply because they are pokeballs, enough said.

2: Storyline

I know most people love this storyline, but if you take a close look at the game, you would stumble upon Team Rocket, defeat them, and then leave. In the games I don't believe they ever said what they were doing in Mt. Moon! I have to admit the Blue's Raticate story is interesting, but it is a theory, and hasn't been proven to this date. I also think that including the Mew story a little more than the pokemon mansion would have been nice, and added to the story a lot!
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