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- What do you think/how do you feel about Chili's behaviour in this episode? How justifiable were his actions?
I think that Chili certainly had every right to be upset. But it did not give him the right to shirk his responsibilities as a Gym Leader.

- How necessary did you think Iris' flashback/exposition piece was?
Well, for me never watching hardly any of the Anime, it wasn't completely unnecessary. That being said, I already knew all that, having played the games in depth and knowing who pretty much all of the Gym Leaders are.

- What do you think was the most important piece of advice Cilan gave to Chili?
Crap, I should have payed more attention instead of playing challenges while watching... I thought his battle advice was really good, but I honestly can't remember any of the personal stuff he said...

- Were you as irritated by Cilan's tasting as Necrum was?
Allow me to explain my irritation. I am a chef myself, and am pretty familiar with the terminology used by Cilan while explaining his choice of teaching them a new offensive move rather than a defensive one. The way he used them to describe Pokemon battling felt so unbelievably embarrassing to me, that I face palmed pretty much the whole bit.

Sorry my answers are a little thin. Especially that third one. This was the first episode of Pokemon I've watched since I was like, 10 or 11. So I'm a little rusty and still getting a hold on things. I gotta say my biggest disappointment was the severe lack of Team Rocket, whose only appearance was James using Rock Smash. It was a good episode none the less. I prefer episodes with a clear antagonist though, personally.

I made a joke along these lines. Sorry some of the text is messed up, it looked fine when I saved it. I didn't notice the screw up til I had it uploaded already, and didn't feel like completely remaking the picture.

Next week, I would like to cast my vote for "The Fortune Hunters". It has a lot more Team Rocket, which I would like to see some of before we get more into territory I'm less familiar with. Plus it has James dressed up as a Moltres, and who doesn't want to see that?


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