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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
> Throw rock at Mismagius as a DISTRACTION since it'll likely just go right through her body, and then throw Dusk Ball and catch her.
Getting up, you toss the grey stone ghost-ward. It phases through her and she starts laughing even harder. It was a cruel, twisted laugh, unlike her playful, giggly one. Plump seems to be growling as you finally lob the sphere at her. You never know if it hit her, as you are struck first. As you hit the ground Plump runs to your side, trying in vain to help you up. A strike with a lead pipe knocks her away, before a figure in a grey trench coat enters your line of sight and violently stomps you unconscious.

You awake strapped to a bed, Plump is on your left side. It is a queen-sized bed, leaving much room between you two. The ceiling above you is a cold and empty pale blue. On the right of you lay your stuff (A Camera, Dusk Balls, pocket change, a signed baseball, canned Pokemon food, and a lighter) in a tray on a windowsill. The window provides an overlook of the town below. To the left of Plump is her stuff (Her bone, the bus pass, and the mysterious item, which turns out to just be a piece of paper), a closed and locked door, and several more beds.
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