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I think you guys are missing the point. Overrated doesn't mean "worse". A lot of people hate 5th gen, how can it be "overrated"?

Which is why my assessment of 3rd gen is accurate. A lot of people are pushing GF to do remakes, so a lot of people are singing praises of 3rd gen nowadays, but it really wasn't all that great, at least not enough to place it above the other gens. Hoenn was a big turnoff to me, because, while it's definitely a beautiful and varied region, it didn't have the "feel" of a Pokémon game. It felt way too different from GSC. All the other games, I felt I was playing a Pokémon game, because the general "feel" was there. I was immediately immersed in Platinum when I first played it, and also Black. Ruby, not so much.

And Emerald's story sucked. Pokémon games aren't known for their good stories. Having the worst story among them is quite sad.

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