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The The Adventures Giovanni Luca
The Shades...OF DOOM
Giovanni gasped as the vines sprouted from the shades and threw him back. He hit the ground hard. Hard. "DAMMIT!" It hurt a lot, but now he knew that Brotad's shades were the source of his godly powers! "COME ON!" He launched himself on to the Supervegeta of the Hoenn region. The pair began to grapple. Brotad had vines out reached that were holding back Gio's hands and legs, but Giovanni was angry, and an angry Giovanni has three times the strength of the regular man. "YOU MONSTER!" Howler ran up behind Brotad and sank his teeth into its back. It flinched just long enough for Giovanni to pin it down, and he began to release a volley of pimp slaps. Alas, Brotad took it like a bro and shook both Gio AND Howler off. Its vines formed into fists and a fist fight broke out among the trainer and pokemon. "DAMN YOU BROTAD!" Without hesitation, Gio flung himself upon Brotad and slammed a fist right into the shades, as hard as humanly possible. For all he could hope, Brotad's shades would shatter into a million pieces.
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