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- What do you think/how do you feel about Chili's behaviour in this episode? How justifiable were his actions?
I really did not enjoy it. He seemed to fit Iris's "What a Kid" phrase more than most others. I know his fiery attitude is supposed to represent his fire type gym leader status, but I still found it annoying. (thinks of brat kids at work).
- How necessary did you think Iris' flashback/exposition piece was?
I thought, because it had been about 50 episodes more or less, it might have been needed for some viewers.
- What do you think was the most important piece of advice Cilan gave to Chili?
I thought that Cilan telling Chili to work on making his own battle style work for him instead of trying to force himself into using someone else's successful one was very important.
- Were you as irritated by Cilan's tasting as Necrum was?
Not really, it would be worse if they used the japanese translation in the english version.

(Fortune Hunters would be awesome btw)

One thing that really irked me was Ash's refereeing. Iris was right about everything she said about it.

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