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→ Name
Gael Marcusson
→ Age
→ Gender:
→ Personality
Gael is a very idealistic young man. He believes that through everyone's willingness to sacrifice the little things, a common justice can be attained; this makes him a very confrontational person. He is hard working, stern and militaristic, furthermore, he is more than eager to please and prove himself. Before heading to Unova for cadet academy, Gael liked very much to attend the annual Sunflora Festival, to awe at the Pokémon coordinators and their Sunflora, however, he was never any good with Pokémon. Although he was curious about them, he was scared, and fear unnerves Pokémon. Due to this, he often failed (or barely passed) Pokémon Handling tests. This messed a lot with his self-confidence as a kid.

Once he went to Unova's Military Cadet Academy, however, Gael learned to simply overcome his fears or ignore them. Although still distrustful of Pokémon, he has an abnormal ability to compel them to obey his commands. Furthermore, he learned the art of being a sniper, a precise killing machine, striking unseen by anyone. He likes to think of himself as the personification of ice and shadows, precision and stealth. Justice. He is distant towards his friends, virtually excommunicated from the people he used to know, cold towards strangers, loyal to his companions, and confrontational to those who would seek to hurt a Pokémon or a fellow human being.
→ Appearance
Gael has long, wavy blond hair and sky blue eyes. He stands at 5'10" tall, and weighs 150 lbs. Although he is not necessarily muscular, Gael is very fit and is able to run for hours at a time. He has no facial scars, scratches, moles or imperfections. His nose is thin and slightly arched, his eyes are thin but almond shaped, and his teeth are healthy, if slightly offset due to constant sparring.

Gael dresses as if he still had to abide by his academy's strict dress code. The dress code was chosen because it allows the soldier or ranger to carry and conceal any gadgetry that they may find necessary for a given mission, and because it is hardy clothing, which makes it very travel-appropriate. This uniform consists of cargo pants, a utility belt, combat boots, and white shirts. The white shirts look gritty and manly, and other than that have no specific function, however, many things can fit in a pair of cargo pants and a utility belt if you can allocate your items correctly. Gael also carries a backpack with a rain jacket, a snow jacket, and a sleeping tent.
→ History
Gael was born in Bloomingvale, a small, quaint suburb between Violet City and Azalea Town. He was simply the average kid of a well-to do family; he owned a bike, received a private education, and excelled both as a student as well as athletically. Bloomingvale, despite being a privately (rather than publicly) funded community, prospered incredibly. The local farm community even became known region-wide for the incredible effects that the air has on both humans and Pokémon, and for their expertly groomed population of Sunflora; all in all, the small community was indeed eerily quiet and amicable. For many years, it had such a low crime level, that it became a model for many other small communities in the region. Until that day…

Nevertheless, Gael couldn't have asked for a better childhood. He was a model student, team captain and the only class he ever failed was… Pokémon Handling. Therefore, when most of his friends left on long journeys to become Pokémon trainers, Gael opted for a different course of action; he left to a military academy in Unova, to become a cadet. Gael had always been aware of current events across the regions and he dreaded the stories of Team Rocket when he was a child, and although the criminal gang didn't directly affect his hometown, he hoped to be able to do something about it; to stop it forever.. Now, after graduating from the academy, he's become a member of Johto's National Guard; and he aims to do just that.

Gael's family didn't move to New Bark Town until roughly nine months ago (before Gael's eighteenth birthday). After two incidents where two seemingly healthy people suddenly developed some sort of terminal pulmonary cancer, it was determined that the prosperous little town should be completely evacuated. It was found that the reason why Sunflora seemed to develop so well here was due to a particular steroid in the air, that is toxic when inhaled in large quantities by humans. Although the leading scientists believe this may be related to an increase in birth rates of Sunkern, Gael believes that there is something more to the story; a culprit, one he aims to catch. After seeking Professor Gold out in New Bark Town, Gael learned of the emerging threat that was Team Zeta, and needless to say he insisted that he be allowed to take the job into his own hands.
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