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March 22, 2013

Dream World 2: Jolteon, gained a level. Found: Carnivine…

Professor Juniper and Fennel were studying the Tropius on Route 18, when they discovered that apparently some Carnivine had also migrated to the area to make it their habitat. Musharna had released some Dream Mist and put several of them to sleep, and Jolteon and I discovered them while we were in the Dream Park.

After work, I decided to stop by the Entralink Forest, and catch the Carnivine we had befriended in the Dream World!

“Carnivine, the Bug Catcher Pokémon. Carnivine bind their bodies to trees in marshes with their tentacles. They lie in wait for prey, luring it close with sweet-smelling drool.”

212. Carnivine

I decided to start to think about what kind of Pokémon I want to use in my battle against Clay. Since he uses ground-type Pokémon, this Carnivine I caught might be an excellent choice between its grass-type effects and its ability of Levitate. I’m sure I’ll use my Grimer, but I’m not sure who else I’ll bring with me.

After doing a little bit of training, my Grimer learned Screech! I think it will come in handy more than Minimize, because it can make its physical attacks hit opponents that much harder. It’s going to need it, since it’s at a disadvantage against Clay’s gym. I might take it to the Move Tutor here in Driftveil City…

I kept Carnivine, Budew, and Grimer with me for now. I definitely want to focus on training more with Carnivine for the Driftveil Gym.

March 23, 2013

Dream World: Vanilluxe. Found: Snorlax that can use Fire Punch; female Numel with the ability Own Tempo.

Dream World 2: Flareon, gained a level. Found: female Galvantula with the ability Swarm.

During some early morning training with Carnivine, Budew, and Grimer in the Castelia Gardens, my Budew evolved in a Roselia!

213. Roselia

March 24, 2013

Dream World: Sawsbuck. Found: nothing new; Vulpix with the move Heat Wave.

Dream World 2: Espeon, gained a level. Found: Golett with the move Fire Punch.

I decided who I am taking to the Driftveil Gym with me. I transferred Roselia to Professor Juniper and had my Azumarill sent to me in its place. So I’m counting on Grimer, Carnivine, and Azumarill to win my fifth Unova badge!

I was heading in the direction of the gym, when I was stopped by a Team Plasma Grunt. He asked me to follow him to a building not far from the gym. At the door of this building, I was greeted by someone who introduced himself as Rood, one of the former Seven Sages of Team Plasma! He said he had a favor he wanted to ask of me, but first he wanted to test my skill as a trainer in a Pokémon battle. I accepted, figuring it would be good practice for my gym battle. Carnivine was able to defeat Rood’s Herdier with a few Leaf Storm attacks, and Azumarill easily took out his Swoobat with a few Rollouts.

After the battle, Rood invited me inside. He explained to me that the members of Team Plasma who had separated from Ghetsis have tried to make amends for their past misdeeds by setting up this refuge. They tried to return all the stolen Pokémon back to their respective trainers, and if they could not be located, the Pokémon were brought here to Driftveil City to be cared for. Apparently, Hugh was looking for his sister’s stolen Purrloin here, but it was not among the orphaned Pokémon. He then asked if I could look after a certain Zorua that was here. He said that it was one of N’s first Pokémon. I told Rood that I had discovered several of N’s Pokémon in the Desert Resort, and that I would have this Zorua join them at Professor Juniper’s laboratory.

As I left the Team Plasma building, I was approached by a Zoroark! I wonder if it’s a friend of this Zorua? Suddenly, I was treated to an illusion, which was a touching memory of N overhearing what his affect had been on some Team Plasma members, and how they are now trying to make up for all they have done. N, too, knows that he has much to learn and to do to make for all that has happened in the past. As the illusion vanished, I saw the Zoroark was no longer there either. So I returned to the Pokémon Center.

Before turning in for the night, I visited the Global Trade Station at the Pokémon Center. I’ve always wanted to try it out. I experimented with it a while, and then finally went to bed.

March 25, 2013

Dream World: Escavalier. Found: nothing new; female Luvdisc with the ability Hydration.

Man, I’ve just realized I’ve been doing this Dream World stuff for nearly 2 years now. Ugh.
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