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The pokéball bounced on Registeel's head and the pokémon began turning red, as they do when they are about to get sucked into a pokéball.

But then, it seemed like Registeel decided that it was so very wrong to get caught. So the red glow disappeared and the pokéball bounced back down onto the ground - and even broke!

Now a bit confused, the large legendary stopped waving his arms around and looked at the two trainers in front of him. He took aim at the approaching Kinder, by letting huge images of crosshairs fly through the air to encircle the boy for a moment before they dissipated. But a strange sensation should come over the target by now, as if it just knew that it had been Locked On. "It" now being Kinder.

Oh my. Knowing anything about Registeel should make being Locked On by it a horrifying thought. What if a Zap Cannon came next? How to survive this?
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