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So much for calming Sprinkles down.

"M-miss? MISS!!? I'll tear your wings off you ugly bug! I'm a BOY, stupid! So you can shut up and go-"

"Sprinkles return." Brian said, calling the angry eevee back into his ball. With that he looked up at Lucia and smiled, his own pencil in his hand as she offered him one. He looked downm only to see it had snapped in haf, likely from the weight of the wild vulpix that was snoozing in his bag. Seriously, why was that fox so tame? Regardless, her dropped the broken pencil and took hers gratefully.

"Thanks Lucia. I'm sorry about Thyme. She can be... A little over protective of me. I didn't mean to make you mad though. But what happened with Mark and Val? They seemed to like each other, a lot..." he said slowly, sounding confused. This was crazy, what could possibly have happened?


Kiki nodded and bounced lightly, pulling out a pokeball and tossing it, revealing Birdy.

"Starvia!" he cried. The girl then took Cynder back from Shawn and smiled at her pokemon, setting them both down.

"Alright! Let's train! Cynder, try and hit Birdy with Flamethrower! Birdy, focus on dodging! Cynder's a bit too young to be able to get hit yet, so don't attack, ok?" Kiki said, tossing the bir into the air. Cynder opened her mouth and with a soft cry, fired a jet of flames skyward, which Birdy easily dodged.

"Staravia!" Birdy cooed at another ret, which narrowly missed, encouraging the young mouse on.

"Good job Cynder, you're doing great! Keep itup!" Kiki said happily, hugging Shawn with a grin.

"She's getting better! Look, see? She's stronger!" she said excitedly, happy her starter poekmon was growing up,.
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