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∣ Jade
Outside ShoWare Center

Chapter One: Part Two
Another Day

Jade listened to the guy for a few moments. After hearing him out, she gave him a skeptical stare, then Amanda, and then back to him. "... Alright." She lowered her bow, and the arrow dissipated into thin air, "but don't think I'm letting my guard down for a moment." She watched Kyle and Amanda for a few moments. She seemed genuinely caring, even though Kyle was a complete stranger to her. "Don't reject the offer, you're a nutcase for trying to punch glass." She let the bow rest at her back and crossed her arms over her chest.

"So..." She started, turning her head toward courage, while she remained facing Kyle. "Courage? You know how cliche that name is, right?" She shook her head, looking back at the two Humans. "Anyways... My name is Jade. And my Human is Kyle."