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Ryan Newson

Ryan had finally arrived at the cafeteria.
"Well, Charizard, it's time to go back into your ball!" Ryan said. He returned Charizard back to his pokeball. He walked into the cafeteria and then looked at his watch. His eyes opened wide in shock. His lesson was starting a lot sooner than he expected. He hurried over and got himself some cereal and then sat down and ate it as fast as he could, without getting indigestion. He then stood up and sprinted to his room.
"Where is it?" Ryan voiced aloud. He was looking for his notes on Mew that he had prepared for his lesson today. He couldn't find them ANYWHERE. It was beginning to annoy him as he knew that he had had them in his room.
After looking around for about 20 minutes, Ryan remembered that he had fallen asleep working on them. He checked his bed and found them.
"Phew!" Ryan exclaimed. He then stood up and saw that he had more time until his class than expected. What was time coming to today? Ryan sat on his bed and read through the notes. He eventually smiled to himself at a job well done. But the hardest part was yet to come! He had to go and give his lesson on Mew to his students. He stood up and went out of his door. He turned and locked the door then walked over to his lesson to set up before his students.
When Ryan arrived at his class. He walked over to the teacher's desk at the front of the class, sat down and brought out his notes in preparation for the class that was about to come.
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