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Originally Posted by shadowdueler474 View Post
^How did you let Seth die? He is the best Jeigan in the series!
Well, I was on chapter 8 and I didn't realize that Ephraim's weapon could kill the boss in a single hit. The boss was slaughtering Seth(who I always sent in for the boss fight), and I thought that if Seth had difficulty, what chance did Ephraim have? (I know, I should've checked, but...)
So, the boss killed Seth and then I sent Garcia in for the final blow, since Seth lowered the boss to like...2 HP. Garcia kills him, and I move on with Eirika's route...but Seth is still dead.

I blame my Awakening game for jinxing him. Lesson learned: Don't bring in past units from other games to Awakening. Also, I'm having huge difficulty with the Infinite Regalia DLC. Any tips?
My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!