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Field of the Fallen
As Jack walked on in search of the Red meteorite. He located the red stone and started digging into the loose dirt. Hypno followed as the group locates a crate with straps. Opening the crate was a MASSIVE supply of food for both pokemon and humans. Sealing the crate, the group hear a loud cry of pain. Behind them was an Espeon, thrashing about and bumping into rocks as if it had gone mad. The pokemon was sweating uncontrollably as a black aura enveloped it, patches of its fur was turning velvet as it began thrashing towards Jack and the others. The Espeon began to attack using... Dragon Rage!?... Either case, the psychic type was going wild. Either it needed to be put down or be caught.
Standing Grace
As Klaus's boat neared the dock's, the test trainer placed his hand on Klaus's shoulder and pulled him back to whisper in his ear. "The guardian is currently on other business, so I'll be quick on our rules, memorize them. The radio tower here is your only cellphone tower, internet connection and radio transmissions for all of Lethia. The tower shuts down in the evenings so take care of any business you have with family before then. Killing is forbidden in the league, if we catch you killing someone else for their badge components or other reasons, you will be hunted like the dog you are. You are free to steal badge components though its strongly advised you don't. Stock up on meds and pick up the Survival guide along with Lethia's Herb and Roots book on the pokemart before heading out. Since you will be living off the land, it will be useful to show you whats poisonous and whats safe... the plants are different here from other regions so recognize and memorize them closely." He lets go of his shoulder as the boat docks and he steps off, moving towards the hotel. Klaus has finally arrived to LETHIA!
Melody Grove
As Julia holds the pokeball in her palm, she hears a scream outside of a wild pokemon. A Gloom was letting loose spores of poison as it's covered in a black aura. Its skin slowly becoming blotted in orange as a flame was spouting over its head. The gloom spots Julia and attacks!!!
East Path
Shadoan and his team followed them willingly as he spotted Amber running around. "She's got a lot of energy for a pokemon, does she?" Shadoan turned his head to Irek and looked ahead where Kiba was. "Irek... Question; have there been any trainers who just murdered others for badge components before?" "There were teams of them... brutal ones. A group of them even became the elite four for the league once in my lifespan." The green pokemon shuddered its fur as it reminisce. "They disbanded the officers and wrecked Leviathan's Bastion... They even discredited all the rules and Lethia became one large cage match of blood... Even then, the only trainers who got wishes were the ones more blood thirsty than them... The remaining officers who stayed with the league set out to find the old Exiles to bring them back and knock the current leaders off. With no rules, they easily returned to the league and were granted a wish. They ousted the the murderous elites and banished each one of them into the deepest depths of Lethia, prisoners mostly within the deeper Lost Valley's... Banished Bloods is what we refer them as now... Though I can assure, not one officer nor test prompter would ever want to remember those times... It just a bloodbath."

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