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At first I felt torn between James Rolfe and Tim Bishop like "omg i can only pick one to hang out with AHHH" but I think that I would feel a lot more comfortable with the latter. Tim is NintendoCapriSun on YouTube and he does awesomely hilarious Let's Plays. I can't even begin to express how many times his videos have helped me through rough times. I used to watch his vids along with Klippy on Skype as well, so there's good memories there. And Klippy and I use NCS's catchphrases all the time. I just think he'd be totally awesome to hang out with. He seems really nice and just a great person to be around. I'd hope to go to PAX someday and meet him. It would truly make my day! Or week. Or month. Or year. LIFE. Yes, life. lmao

I know it sounds weird to have a YouTube celeb I feel so connected to, haha. But I mean, he really does connect with his viewers and make us all feel like we're right there with him. It's great. :)

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