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Trainer: That isn't an ordinary Rubik's Cube is it?

N: No, this is a unique cube. You see, the way to interact with Pokemon is still a riddle to many people. Some of us are so consumed by our own needs, we don't even notice when our friends, Pokemon, are here with us. This cube was designed to help someone register the presence of Pokemon around them and to join together and bond. Dark squares are shown for each Pokemon.
In this case, Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy - 3 dark squares and 3 bonds to form.

Trainer: Oh, is that why you built this model with miniature figurines of those 3?

N: Yes, you see Pokemon are innocent beings from the start, who are often tainted once we impose our ideals on them or what we believe to be the truth. What better way to bond than letting them discover how we see them on their own, instead of pushing them into a role.
This cube is the Cube of Friendship and legends say the creator was actually a Pokemon.

Oshawott: I really want to play with that Ferris wheel so much but that's just timid me like always..

Snivy: You can't just walk in Tepig, we have to wait! It's dangerous!

Tepig: Really?

Snivy: See that cube the left human is holding. My mother used to tell stories of it. From what I remember, white spots are supposed to signify the presence of humans. As you can see there are 2 white spots.

Tepig: But I can see that there are 2 humans. Was the creator Captain Obvious?

Snivy: I don't remember what my mother said afterwards as that was in my days of still being an unhatched egg and hearing her soft voice speaking to me.

Tepig: Snivy, I know you are careful by nature, so I understand. But I also know that my nature is bold so I just really want to go out there and play.

Snivy: Ok, let's make a deal. Wait 10 minutes more and I'll give you a tasty berry from my collection.

Tepig: Snivy, I trust you on that one. You just got yourself a deal!

Clarification: Pokemon see a white square on the cube for one human. The square becomes more colourful, the stronger the bond gets between them. Humans see a black square as one Pokemon. The square will be filled with other colours, again depending on the bond formed with the Pokemon.

The creator of the cube had in mind for as many squares as possible to be filled with as many different colours as possible.
The finished product, with all its different, coloured and disordered squares would probably look like a normal unsolved Rubik's cube to many, but the Pokemon and Humans whose bonds are printed on each square, share something much deeper than any sensation you could get from solving any riddle on this world.
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