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Return to Unova Epilogue

2 Years after the events that N created with Ghetsis and their team hell bent on bringing the end of the world...

A boy named Tim was told by his mother that a young lady with a green bonnet was looking for him. Tim and his "friend" Benjamin or Ben, began their hunt for Professor Junipers assistant. Heading to the lookout of his hometown there waited the girl with the green bonnet. The lady's name was Bianca and little to Tim's knowledge this "Bianca" traveled with the legendary savior of the Pokémon League against N and Ghetsis team 2 years earlier. Holding a small case in which three PokéBalls were in, Tim was given a choice to choose 1 of the 3. Tim picked the center Pokémon and within it was Tepig; The Fire Swine. After taking Tepig, Tim was asked by Bianca to engage in his Pokémon Trainer Battle against his friend Ben.

The battle began and Tim used Leer to lower Ben's Oshawatt's attack and then finished the battle with several powerful Tackles. Ben, distraught asked for PokéDex from Bianca; assuming it would make him stronger. Tim, who had been given a PokéDex prior to the battle with Ben, set out to Route 19 (or 18, I can't remember). He was given 10 PokéBalls by Bianca and before leaving his town was given Running Shoes and Town Map from his mother and Ben's younger sister respectively. Before leaving Tim stopped at the PokéCentre where he asked the Nurse to heal Tepig and he also bought 10 Potions for his adventure.

On route 19 (or 18) Tim captured a Purloin. Moving on from Route 19 (or 18) he met with a mysterious flame haired man named Adler, who analyzed Tim up and down and asked him to meet him in the next town over. Tim agreed and followed the man. While in town, the man noticed that he had two Town Maps with Tim and deduced it was for Ben. Before Adler said he would train Tim he wanted him to go to the next route and give Ben his map.

While Tim set out, he encountered two trainers and battled and won flawlessly; while traveling further towards Ben. Tim found a Seawaddle, captured it and allowed it to join the team, hoping that a Bug-Grass hybrid would be useful in the future. Tim now rests at the PokéCentre...

(sorry if there is spelling or grammatical errors; to lazy to check for spelling and shaz.)
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