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I've been having a lot of fun hunting in Viridian Forest in Leaf Green ever since I came up with a little mini-game to play while shiny hunting to keep things interesting. It doesn't have a name yet, so for now let's just call it "Shiny Pick-Up" This is best played on a Game Boy Player.

What you do is you have your guy you intend to use to catch your shiny up front, (in my case a high leveled False Swipe Scizor) and have five other Pokemon that have the pick-up ability.

Next, set the built in timer on the Game Boy Player for ten minutes.

Once the timer starts, you have ten minutes to try and get as many items as you can with the pick-up ability, each with their own point value. (I advise turning battle animations off to speed up battles) Of course the main goal is to find and catch a Shiny Pokemon, so that has a point value too. You'll have to keep track of this on paper of course. You can quickly jot the numbers down during the encounter animations. If you still have an old magnadoodle kicking around that isn't broken, this would be a good time to dig it out.

Regular Berries (Oran etc.) 5 Points
PP Up 20 Points
TM10 20 Points
Nugget 30 Points
Rare Candy 40 Points
Rare Berries (Spelon etc.) 60 Points
Shiny Pokemon Capture 400 Points

(Point value is based on rarity of item pick-ups, and overall usefulness of the items in question)

There are a few rules to keep track of.

a)When time runs out, the game immediately ends, even if you were just about to take an item off of one of your Pokemon.

b)You are not allowed to check how much time is left on the timer once you start it. (adds some extra tension which overall makes the game more fun)

c)If you run into a shiny, you are allowed to stop the clock. Make sure you check the time before you stop it, because after you capture your shiny you can start the clock back up. The time you set it for is based on when you stopped the clock, rounded up or down to the nearest minute. So for example if you run into a shiny at 5 minutes 23 seconds remaining and stop the clock, you start it back up at 5 minutes. If it's 5 minutes 35 seconds remaining, you start it back up at 6 minutes remaining. If it's exactly on the thirty second mark, you round up.

(This rule can be considered optional if you're too nervous that you might accidentally hit "Change Game Pak" which is right next to the timer)

Once the time limit is up you calculate your score, and try to get a higher score next time. Plus you can use all the free rare candies, Nuggets, PP Ups, and Rare Berries in your third gen games. If you haven't finished up the battle tower or all of those contests in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, the rare candies and berries you get from this mini-game will be a good way to help you do it.

This has made shiny hunting a lot more fun, and often I get really wrapped up in the mini-game and completely forget about the fact that I'm looking for shinies. If you have a Game Boy Player, or any kind of timer, I suggest you try it out. My highest score so far is 275 points. ; ) (Got three rare berries and a few other good ones)
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