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With Dunn asking that daunting question, Lucas was scared to think what Dunn will think of him if he tells everything. After a nervous gulp, Tepig looks at him waiting for his answer also. “Well, I’m Lucas McGuire, I’m from Undella Town. My parents always work out of town at some Pokemon Transfer facility which is near Black City, I was never allowed to come with them so I had to sit at home.

My dad was a great Pokemon trainer, he had a Leavanny which never seemed to be defeated by anything.” Lucas began to get excited to talk about Leavanny, his face was beaming and Tepig smiled back at him. “This one time my dad was walking with me to Lentimas Town through Reversal Mountain. I fell down a small abyss where I was surrounded by a Swarm of Skorupi and one really huge Drapion. I thought I was a goner, until Leavanny came down after me and Protected me against the Drapion’s and Skorupi’s Poison Fangs. I then remember it doing some dance as it hummed to itself. It backflipped out of the shield and launched towards the Drapion with an X-Scissor which took the thing out in one shot, all the Skorupi dispatched after seeing this. But for as long as I’m on this journey with you and Tepig. I want to catch a Sewaddle, and raise it to become as powerful as my dad’s Leavanny, and with Tepig by our side there is no way we can lose! Right Tepig?” After hearing the story Tepig cheered and smiled. “So that’s enough about me, tell me about you Dunn?”
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