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Iny Gage - Cafeteria

Iny Closely followed behind Mark, She had a long track record of getting lost and wouldn't like to so soon on her first real day of classes. When they got to the Cafeteria She almost immediately set off for the Lunch line, taking a much food as she thought she could get away with. After getting the food she made sure to sit at the least crowded table so there was a spot for the other two for sure and started scarfing down her Cereal, making sure she got plenty to eat before classes start.While they were talking she made sure to try to eat her food as fast as possible, sometimes talking with her mouth full whenever she had something to say.

"Sucks. I'm not in either of your classes by the looks of it, I got eggs and breeding, and then trainer fitness. I guess I'll have just have to put up with it though, ah well."

"Dang it! I share a class with both of you but at the wrong times!" She whined profusely "And Its the boring ones too." Despite her parents being breeders, she was never really into learning about it, And Berry making? It was just about as fun to her as watching grass grow.

"Hey Iny, I really hate to leave on short notice but I gotta get to class. I'll talk with you all later though!"

"Okay, See you later" She quickly got out before he left, Noticing the biscuit crumbs fall from her mouth as she said it, Blushing little.

"Sorry about that, As I made it known earlier, I haven't eaten since lunch yesterday" She reminds Gwen, Making sure she knows she Isn't always like this. "Anyway I should probably Head out too, I don't wanna be late" She explains "I'll see you later!" She says cheerfully as she grabs a couple of the unopened Juice containers and slices of toast and heads out.

Surprisingly she made it to her class alright, Although a bit disipointed to see that no one is here yet.

"Dang it, I hate being early..." She says as she takes a seat near the back, Finishing off her smuggled breakfast.
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