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Cynder cried with joy as she fired a Flamethrower that finally hit Birdy. The bird chirped, his eyes closing as he landed, trying to put out the fire.

"Quil! Cynda!" the mouse said, rushing over and looking concerned. Kiki smiled at Shawn, catching his eyes and the look on his face. Her mind immediately jumped back to their battle, or rather what had happened immediately afterwards, which brought a gente blush to her face. She left her pokemon to it and leaned against the wall next to him, her should brushing his and grabbed his hand slowly.

"I wonder when class will begin." the impulsive girl said with a smile.

Thyme, Duster, and Leena

The trio of pokemon walked to a classroom and paused, spotting a blonde haired girl in a desk, not really paying attention to anything.

"There's Val." Thyme said. Well, she was the strongest trainer that Thyme had met. After all, her Chameleon had beaten Nova. And she was a friend, right? Bold as brass the snify walked right into the room and climbed up onto her desk.

"Hey, you." she said, though all Val would hear was the cries of "Snivy!" which annoyed Thyme to no end. She crossed her arms and waited for some kind of reaction, tapping her foot every once in a while. She didn't have all day. She had to get back to Brian after all.


Drake entered the cafeteria. He was deep in thought, not even sure what he was looking for. His long cape flowed behind him. He had to do something, these Rockets were back. Not good. Still, he had a job to do too. He grabbed his food and sat down, looking to see the other person at the table. Mana!

"Hello Mana. Did you enjoy Thanksgiving?" Drake asked after a moment, eating some oatmeal. He was not going to bring up Team rocket yet.
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