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A character page, a recap page for basic plot review for each of the characters, tropes (duh), maybe some YMMV tropes, but I'll make sure they're not any controversial ones. I don't think I could put any up at the moment even if I wanted to without making it up. As opposed to the first RP I troped, where I wasn't allowed to keep half of what I put up there...

And that's fine, like you said, I have a plot point to finish. Just skipping ahead is unrewarding.

Edit: Divided my final Chapter 2 post into two parts because... for one I've wiped myself basically keeping myself at the post all night and need a rester while also wanting to show I'm still in this... and for two... I forgot where I was going with this actually. I dunno I think I might've combined reason one and two I don't know but the point is my last post for Chapter 2 is in two parts and there will be a boss battle against wild Pikachu no seriously and I'll get to work on it right away but I think I really kinda sorta need to sleep now okay thanks

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