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Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
Chapter 2: today is the day.

Takumi said something like Water under the bridge. which confused her. What does it mean? Does it mean she was forgiven? It must mean that because he kept being nice to her. He said he restored half is his blood and for a second Nami looked weird at him untill he showed her the blood bag that was half full. His goofy smile made her giggle, actually the whole situation did. "haha, humans shouldn't drink blood." Nami said as she kept on giggling cutely and took the blood bag he handed her.

"Humans can't taste the things that make blood like lemonade for us Vampires." Nami explained and took a sip, even the blood tasted weird but since she got it from Takumi she kept on drinking. "Blood also contains iron which we absorb." Nami shoved her plate with pancakes towards Takumi and smiled at him. Then she remembered she was drinking the blood bag Takumi drank from which means… indirect kiss…

Nami's face turned red but she didn't dare to bring that subject on. Actually she wanted to ask him if he had a girlfriend back in the human world. She was curious but afraid of the answer. It's not she'll hit on him if he says no, Vampires and humans can't be together. Nami calmed down and glanced up at Takumi who was eating. "Do you have a girlfriend back in the human world?" She asked him trying to stay calm. Her heart beatd faster as she waited for the answer.

The Commander

The commander made his way towards Solo's room. He saw that the stick he left in his room for Solo to take had been taken according to plan. It would be good to teach him how to use it. Right now he's very weak, like a puppy. With that stick he becomes a little stronger but he needs confidence as well. Ofcourse the commander couldn't use him in his army, not yet since he had a long way to go.

He knocked on Solo's door and came in without bothering to wait for an answer. "We're gonna train again." he spoke with a small evil grin on his face. "And take that stick with you." The Commander turned around and left the room, he was sure Solo knew where he had to go for training. Once he finishes training he might be transferred to "the iron fortress" but for now Solo is still not ready to go there. Only elite members stay there.

The Commander entered the training room and just waited there for his apprentice, hopefully he wouldn't arrive too late.
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