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Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Outside Classroom

As he was leaning and watching what Birdy and Cynder were doing, he felt someone's hand on his. He looked down to the hands and back up to see Kiki right next to him. He felt a warmth spread through his body like a wildfire. It was at this moment that he truly felt at peace. It felt wonderful to be this close to somebody. No one, not even his first crush, had made him feel like this.

He gently turned his hand to where their palms were touching and interlaced their fingers together. Shawn simply shrugged at her question. "I don't know," he stated, "I hope it starts soon, but I also like being here and spending time with you. I like this." Shawn gave a gentle squeeze of her hand to show her what he meant. He kept a watchful eye out for the teacher, wondering when they'd finally show up.

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