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Kyle Haden

The Deino appeared to have dodged most of the Sludge Bomb, but it still took some damage. The arrogant kid looked quite surprised. He quickly regained his composure and commanded his Deino to attack.

"Chronos use Dark Pulse." the kid said.

Kyle knew to expect the worst. Even if Ches could shake off the attack it would do enough damage to seriously weaken the Haunter. The Deino released a large amount of black aura in every direction. Right before the attack connected Kyle yelled, "Ches! Brace yourself!" The Haunter crossed its arms in a defensive manner and took the attack head on. Afterwards Ches looked to be quite tired as it wheezed and panted. Kyle was pressing his luck making Ches battle a dark type Pokemon. He decided a gamble was needed.

"Ches, use another Sludge Bomb, but this time get closer so you don't miss!" Kyle said.

He knew that Haunter was resistant to poison attacks so he could take a close range Sludge Bomb. The Haunter moved exceptionally fast and was right on top of the Deino when it launched its attack.

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