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Episode N 012-14/BW Season 2 036-38/BW 120-122

Satoshi-tachi finally make it to Dr Araragi's excavation of the White Ruins. N reappears, Plasma attacks, Handsome is back, Rockets are around, things happen.

The White Ruins! Satoshi VS N!! - 4 April 2013 [Japan]
Plasma-dan Attacks! Ceremony of Revival!! - 11 April 2013 [Japan]
Reshiram VS N! Beyond Truth and Ideals!! - 18 April 2013 [Japan]

The White Ruins! Yeah, this episode hasn't aired yet, but let's get in some speculation! That's what these threads were originally for. And anyway I want to talk about this one even though I've only seen the preview.

But oh gosh it's looking amazing and exciting and wow. My favourite professor is back and being ridiculous again~ And drama and wow. I'm not sure how much Satoshi VS N there will actually be though- from the preview it seems like they have an initial argument, but then later they're being all buddy-buddy by the campfire? And I'm going to assume the Goloog is the protector of the ruins because you know it was rampaging a bit and the Gobit path was always the correct one in the ruins. And it looks like Handsome is back in a new disguise.

just wow guys i'm excited

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