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Calvin Bastion

The boy almost accepting fate with his Haunter as it braces for the attack. The Haunter is slammed repetitively with the attack leaving the Haunter looking extremely fatigue. The boy the then shouted out,

"Ches, use another Sludge Bomb, but get closer so you don’t miss!”

The Haunter closed in on Chronos with the Haunter floating almost directly over Chronos Calvin yells,

“Get out of there Chronos!”

Chronos attempts to get away, but it was to late as Chronos gets drenched in the sludge. Calvin waited for the sludge to clear to see only that Chronos was knocked out. Calvin’s face cringed in disbelief sure that Chronos could have survived another attack. Putting all regards aside Calvin returned Chronos and pulled out another pokeball.

“Go Gaia!” Calvin yells.

Calvin’s pokeball comes down touching the sand then releasing a Pupitar. The Pupitar came crashing onto the beach creating a miniature hole that is stood in.
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