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Victoria “Alys Taimor and Avangeline “Ava” Highclaw – Bandit Fort, Eveamoor

Theme: “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Looking to her left, Alys spied the sleek, elven figure of Ava hunched over with knees bent and dual broadswords unsheathed in front of her. To her right, Nem growled viciously, baring his teeth at the oncoming hoard of bandits. His growling turned into a deep bark, sounding to Alys as if the direwolf was trying to put together the words “cometh at me, brother,” in anticipation of the upcoming fight. It only took a glance for Ava to lock eyes with Alys for them to both understand their silent agreement.

Elegantly bounding forward, Ava made a swipe at the oncoming bandit, gracefully turning on her front foot before delivering a final slash in to the man’s chest. Piercing the bandit’s chest, she used his body akin to a human shield, running towards her next opponent who could do nothing but stand and watch the limb body fly through the air towards his; his dual daggers not even long enough to pierce the body. As soon as she was within a meter of the man, Ava lifted the shield’s body up as a swift Alys appeared power sliding from between her legs. Recovering, Alys thrust her first hunting knife between the man’s leather, striking true above his groin while her second hand followed through with a sharp slash to the man’s Achilles.

Dropping the body to the ground, Ava smiled at Alys, nodding in confirmation at their current standing of being tied with one another in body counts. From Ava’s left, a plated bandit struck down with his hammer; Ava barely dodging out of the way as his hammer cracked the stone floor beneath her feet. Meanwhile, from Alys’ right, another dagger wielding bandit swiped furiously at her; aiming to slash her neck open.

Ducking down, Alys soon rose up between the man’s outstretched arms, firstly grabbing his left and bending it backwards until she heard a quiet crack before the man reeled back in pain. Choosing the open moment, she surged forward, delivering a double blow of hunting knives straight through the man’s chest and piercing his heart. For her left, a man roared as he drove forward, mace raised above his head before bringing it down in a wide arc at Alys. Narrowly dodging it, she sprinted towards him, angling for the wall instead as soon as she could, running along it for a couple of steps before launching off it and at the bandit and wrapping her arm around his neck. The two of them fell to the floor, hitting the stone floor hard as the bandit’s mace skittered away while he desperately tried to claw at her arm through his thick gloves. With her free hand, Alys launched a series of volleys into the side of the man’s abdomen; ripping his kidneys to shreds as he howled in pain. Two pairs of hands grabbed her by the feet and waist, dragging her backwards as she got the brief glance of Ava and Nem taking down a fifth opponent.

Cursing, Alys flailed, kicking as much as possible, but to no avail. Above her head, a figure launched over her body and within seconds, the grip on her had loosened significantly. Recovering to her feet, Ava and New stood over the massacred bodies of two large bandits.

“Try to keep up, Alys,” Ava winked as she returned to the fray.

Following her into the fray, Alys watched Ava slash at another bandit, utilising the moment that Ava hunched over to roll across her back and launching herself at a bandit rushing forward. Pulling her hunting blades from between the bandits, Alys felt a shard pain as a shallow wound ripped through the leather armour on her back. Swinging around, she slashed wildly, blinded by pain and angry before sleek fingers gripped her shoulders.

“Alys, stop!” Her vision cleared and Ava stood in front of her. She could feel the blood seeping through the leather, but Ava confirmed to her that it was only a shallow wound. However it still did not stop the sharp, throbbing pain that now ran between her shoulder blades.

The two then stood back to back, Nem growling at Ava’s side while Castiel flew down from the rafters, settling on Aly’s shoulder. Bandits surrounded them in three hundred and sixty degrees, slowly moving in on the two girls and their pets. Neither were willing to give up their ground, crouching their legs and preparing for the onslaught.

The bandits ran forward and soon, Alys and Ava found themselves in a fight for their lives.
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