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So this is what I have:


And I've read these two pages:

s:PBDayNight.isNight?(pbGetTimeNow) Is ON during the night (i.e. between 8pm and 6am), and OFF if it is not (i.e. during the day).

But for some reason, at night-time, the museum doesn't display the messages, even though it should. When the player runs into the event, it doesn't display the message or send them down; it just doesn't do anything. Nothing at all. The player passes the event and that's it.

What is wrong with the event? Did I misunderstand something?

Oh, and the other two pages are standard door events, but with this Conditional Switch turned on (left-hand side conditions):

s:PBDayNight.isDay?(pbGetTimeNow) Is ON during the day (i.e. between 6am and 8pm), and OFF if it is not (i.e. during the night).


How do I modify a trainer event to allow for variables?

Whenever I try, recompilation seems to erase anything "extra" added to the trainer, thus my Trainer Battles +1 variable disappears.

I could make all trainers without using COMMENTS, but that's not as easy, and when you have hundreds of trainers to do in a single game... /grawr


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