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Originally Posted by faku1810 View Post
Great, haha, i'll keep my hunt going as i wait for that fix then. And yeah, i know krabby is not really that hard to find (i already had one) but since it was the same kind of "issue" i thought it would be useful to mention it. I'll try and keep you informed if some other pokemon is missing, though i don't follow any particular order so you might already know about it.

Btw, according to bulbapedia Clamperl evolves into one of two pokemon by trading + holding a certain item... how did you work that out? leveling up while holding that item? I already tried every stone with no results

PD: No comments about the rebirth event?
Yeah deffinately let me know if you cant find anyone

Clamperl evolves at lv 20 into either huntail (if attack is higher than defense) or gorebyss (if defense is higer than attack)...
those 2 items are helpful because they raise either attack or defense (depending on the item) as it grows... so just equip on of the items and start leveling... (deepseascale and deepseatooth)

Celebi has a lil event for him... if you dont catch him... and kill him... he will drop an egg (as it says in his pokedex entry) and you will get a pichu with volt tackle... whom you can breed and get more pichus with volt tackle... then after you beat the elite four, he returns (like hooh lugia or deoxys) and you can catch him... (or get another pichu egg lol)

as far as making the legendaries delevel... I can work on that... but it wont go into this hack because thats kinda out of the scope of this hack (im tryng to stay close to fire red)
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