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Originally Posted by Dradier234 View Post
All the graphics in this game are impressive. Your artist is really skilled. Hopefully you'll finish this!
Thank you alot, its appreaticed.
Also yes I think he is kind of good *Looks at his username* :p
This time I'm determined to finish this, so I think I'll do this :>

Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard View Post
Well, I actually like it if you don´t get badges too fast so that would be no problem at all for me.
Mhm good to hear.
I think getting badges every city is really annoying, and I have a suprise for the gyms anyways :>

Originally Posted by mikeyisdead View Post
i love the screenshot
it's amazing
i won't play alpha
until it finish fully
i wanna be surprise ^_^

Oh thank you man, I don't think that the full release will be anytime soon though :<

Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
[COLOR="DarkRed"]Meh, I thought I'll give a thought on the screenies.

★The TS looks pretty nice, although it's lineart connects to digital art rather than Pixel Art, so it kind of clashes with the background. Luckily, Arceus covers most of the screen, so this can be ignored.

Mhm, the background might be changed, since this TS isn't isnerted yet anyways.
I want everything to look perfect before I even touch inserting it.
Also I thought of isnerting it all separated to get the animation of Arceus when getting into the press start screen

★I thought that the indoor tiles can only be a bit good, you've proved me wrong with outsanding indoor tiles xd

You don't even have an idea how many times I've changed them :p
Maybe 20 times :p

★I love the placement of trees and rocks, also different sizes of trees and most important, the wind animation. They give everything a natural feel.

Mapping is what I like alot, also the wind was an idea I had like 2 years ago with EC. Reb0rn just implemented it without asking him :P
Which was really nice of him :>

★The. Battle. BGs. Are. Ultimatum! Love em.
I think it looks good too, but wiht a custom palette it will look alot better.
Actually I already have one :>

★I hope that you can give giovanni and his goons placeholder OWs in this screenshot a new look... or maybe I could do em for you :P.

Well I know how I want them to look like, just not sure if they should be human or not :>

★Ooo, the water seems nice! Or maybe that's just cause I'm a big water lover. Yeah, the important part is the floating tree, it gives the new feel of things in water.

I try to get everything how it would probably be in nature too.
Thats why I take so much times assembling stuff and whatsoever :>

Yep, all that said, you should NOT fail on this hack ever! No, we all are backing you xD.

Good luck ;)

Comments in the quoted spoiler, and thanks alot bro the feedback is really appreaticed :>

Here have some screens:

Hope you enjoy, I will work on some scripting tonight probably :>
I had some trouble with some Ow's changing in game, but it seemed it had to do with the movement command I gave them, messing them all up(Jogging on spot dont like the to jog).

I really enjoyed mapping this :>

So guys until sunday or monday with some new updates hopefully :>