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Well, I finally got the basement thingie I've been working on working...except for a few bugs. Here's what I did:
Gave the upstairs room (the one that can only place dolls and cushions) the Secret Base tilesets
Inserted floor, wall, and staircase tiles from the original room to the Secret Base tileset
Replaced Palette 7 with the same palette as the original room
Edited the Secret Base furniture tiles to replace the floors and walls

The end result is exactly what I wanted, a fully customizable room. However, it still has problems. When a decoration is about to be placed, it looks glitchy, but once it's placed, it looks fine. That's a bit of annoyance I'd like to fix but acceptable if it can't. The major problem is, when I leave the room and come back, the decorations are all gone. The game recognizes their existence since I can still put them away, but they're just...gone. Similar to when I attempted to place decorations in the non-compatible room.
Hacks I'm working on:
Pokemon Sapphire Hoenn's Rebirth - My own hack, making progress whenever possible.
3rd Gen Multiplayer Project - Research and development, occasionally testing, sometimes with support.
Pokemon Cursed/Creepy White - Group project, on hiatus for now with plans to return eventually.
Animal Crossing Wild World playing as an animal - experimental, messing with models and textures

Hacks I've worked on in the past:
Pokemon Ruby Destiny Broken Timeline (pre-reboot) - Assisted with maps
Pokemon HeartGold Prince Boo Edition - Experimental project with three small changes. Made at the request of YouTube LPer PrinceBoo21.

Been super busy with work, life, and laptop problems. Hopefully I can get back into it soon, I fear I'm already rusty. Meanwhile I'm considering writing some of my hacks as a series of fanfics.

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