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Absolute total definite no from me. Seems a waste of resources when we've got better things to be focussing on like fixing the lag, for example. In my experience, gimmicks like this tend to be cool for about 5 minutes then just become pretty ignored and pointless. For the sake of this thread, I'll go ahead and answer the poll.

Do you currently utilize the gaming section of a non-gaming site?

Are you a member of any other forums that have a gaming section? Do you use it?
Yeah, I used to frequent a forum which introduced a gaming section. I used it for about five minutes then got bored of it, as did the rest of the userbase. It promptly became dead weight.

Have you ever thought it would be nice if had a gaming section?

If tPC did have a gaming section would you use it?

What genre of games are you the most interested in?
The kind that this forum focusses on discussing anyway.

How old are you?

What is your gender?

Yes, I'm really Reshiram.
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