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I didn't like that system at first, but that was mostly because of my emulator that was set on fast-motion and I didn't know how to reset it lol. Whenever I tried to press the A button whenever the "Oh, a bite!" message popped up, I was too slow and the Pokemon escaped Every Single Time.

After I managed to reset the emulator only then was I able to fish. I kinda got the concept right away, but it quickly got annoying. I disliked the inconsistency of the bites. It always kept me on watch, and sometimes when a bite suddenly comes in and I'm not prepared for it, I lose the Pokemon. ><

There are also some good aspects of it though. The bites served as an indicator. It allowed me to know whether the Pokemon on the hook was a rare/strong one or not. The more the bites, the rarer/stronger the Pokemon. If the Pokemon was a Magikarp, it got hooked by usually only one or two bites, but if the Pokemon was a Gyarados, there were many, many more.

I've also tried the Feebas hunt, but I got too frustrated, so I stopped searching. Lol.
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