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As much as I think that this game is pretty (I love the graphics, and that little spinning-logo for the market and pokecenter never stop to amuse me. Sometimes, it's the little stuff that sticks out the most), it also has some annoying things that I'm sure other people found out. Just to name a few:

1) I trained a Combee all the way up to a Vespiqueen, only to realize the can't get any of her moves, which... kinda makes her useless, I guess.

2) Starting this game is painful. There's no recovery at your mom's house, and even though a person there gives you a MAX POTION (overkill much?), you are expected to go through 3 trainers until you can reach a poke center. Die? "Oh, sorry bud, there goes half of your money. Hope you enjoyed the Defense Curl + Rollout combo!" Why not make the NPC give you 5 potions instead for an overkill item right at the start? And that's assuming you can't reprogram the character's mom to heal you.

3) The items in the shops are ridiculous at the start. You have pretty much everything you can buy... except normal potions or super potions. It can be argued you can just grind in the grass and you won't need the healing items, but it still seems kinda jarring to buy a Hyper Potion in a market, then walk three feet and find a potion laying on the ground.

4) I don't know if this is because of a language barrier or something, but... Some NPCs don't make no sense. At all. Sorry if I seem to be nitpicking, but it's kinda weird when a random guy that I never seen before looks at me and says "You look like a nice kid! Have a pokemon!". I mean, sure, there could be a couple guys like that one, but it just seems weird that someone would offer a pokemon like that.

I do also like that there's several pokemon for you to choose from, and you're given pokemon in towns like they are candy, so you have a chance to alter your team as you see fit. This could actually be a good excuse to give towns some NPCs that could say useful stuff, since the average player would have the "Gotta talk with everyone in the town, maybe they'll give me a pokemon!" mentality. Sadly, that never happens.

In the end, good game, but it needs some improvement, is all.
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