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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
If you don't back up story with near flawless playthrough and preferably nice environment (which I believe will be in DR2) players won't enjoy the story...
And preferring one aspect of hack to others is never good because then the dominant aspect won't be enjoyed that much because the others are not perfected.
I do agree with u there a little bro but ya see the thing is even with the crappy maps/environment(no offense DRG) and the continuous repeating of the Kanto Trainer music which I am sure all of us are sick off, not to mention the endless glitches(sorry DRG) it still managed to put it's place as one of the greatest hacks of 2012. It came third, besides the physical/special split and the other bugs and that's saying sth. So now with the new and improved team, hopefully the bugs will be patched up and in the end there will obviously be a high chance that this hack is hopefully gonna be as Bret Hart used to say "The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be". I doubt whether people r gonna disapprove of what I say, considering the fact that they still enjoyed the story even with all the bugs. Also I hope that like before, I am gonna be the first person to download her hack when it's finished. NOBODY WILL BEAT ME TO IT!!!!