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Heres my pitch, if it goes well I'll organise a time and place, but before I get too far ahead of myself I'm just going to ask how many people would be interested in going/showing up.

Now since this wont be an offical event the rules will be altered slightly (I'll get to them when I get a better idea of how many people will show up). Not too much that it blows it out of proportion but little things like 'you can use any card thats not on the banned list' this meaning you can use the older version trainers that don't need a coin flip to get anywhere with.

Another thing will be a partisapating fee, again depending on the amount of people that will turn up the price will vary - the more people that turn up the cheaper it'll be for everyone! It may be free (depending on the place) to just enter and watch the matches. Also what it depends on is the place it gets hosted and if they decide on any other terms because if I need to book the place and it costs, I'll need to cover that money.

The time will probably be from 10 till 6, this will depend on how many people turn up and if it needs to go over a few days or any other complications of this sort. As for the date that'll be soon (within two weeks depending on your responses to this).

All ages will be welcome to enter - just remember you'll be up against people who know what they're doing and have mad stratigies to win. This may be changed if too many people enter, it'll be split into age catagories.

Note that at this tourniment it wont just be the tourniment happening, if you get knocked out or just waiting till your next game there will be a friendly game area where you can go to just battle someone.

Cheating wont be tolirated, if your opponent has a querry about a move you just did s/he can appeal to it and have someone come over to sort it. As with that there will be an option to undo something you just did - this includes who you attatch energy to. More addition to that is that if you lay a trainer card that says to shuffle your deck you already have, you can't undo it, but you can still change where you placed your energy - this is usefull if you got a pokemon out of your deck that you just noticed will be good at the time. Alas you can only have 5 undos per game and once you say end turn you cant undo... Ironicly though you can undo saying 'end go'.

Ah on to prizes now! Everyone loves prizes! The grand prize for 1st place will be a chance at a rare card, I say chance because, like everything else, it depends how many people wish to enter. Of course 2nd and 3rd will get something too.

Now I believe thats everything, let me know what you guys think and if you're interested in taking part or if you have imput into this that will help. More details to come with the more this progresses.

If you're interest in this vote yes on the poll and it'll give me a rough idea of how many people will turn up.

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