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Lol, yeah, something like that would be good, but it would have to be a location that doesn't have multiple ways around (I never liked how ilogical was that TWO snorlax happened to be sleeping right in middle of opposite roads). In fact, and maybe i'm going too far, you could make up something like this:

1) You get to Rock Tunnel as usual, and can't go in because there's a RamPoke in the entrance; hence you try to fight it, ignorant of what you just got in.

2) Then someone (that appears after your pokemon faint or you run, or interrupts you before you battle) tells you it's an impossible to beat pokemon and there's a pokelab close to the tunnel where they're investigating wild pokemon like that.

3) Then he takes you to the surf zone and guides you around the way to the pokelab (aka power plant). Sidenote: idk if it's possible to automate the surf animation despite not having a surf pokemon yourself, otherwise, you can just make an alternate path for that one ocassion.

4) Once there, you go in and find a scientific in the last room (or the first, up to you if you want to leave Zapdos untouched, as you can just leave the wild pokemon there explaining the scientists are "investigating them in their habitat". Not so illogical, really). That scientific explains everything about RamPokes and the Rebirth ball.

The whole travel back and forth between the lab and the tunnel could be made with a trigger-guy standing on the shore of where you are, so you talk to him, and he takes you there. Once you get Surf yourself, he vanishes (or not, he just won't take you anymore).

Edit: I'm unsure if there's a way to lose a battle (aside of rival's first battle) and not reappear on a pokecenter; but maybe you could apply the same kind of code for the Ghosts in lavender, where it says your pokemon are too scared to do anything, so you can never attack and pokeballs fail so you choose to run. That's when someone appears and takes you to the lab.

Edit2: Alternative, so you can forget about the whole "take me back to the tunnel, take me back to the lab, take me back to the tunnel again": Use Zapdos. He's in front of the rock tunnel the first time, and when you get to the lab you're told he flew back to the deepest part of the lab, so you get your first Rebirth ball; then you go all the way and capture it. Then you get your 5 balls and are taken to the rock tunnel, now you can't come back until you have Surf.

I think this works well enough, since despite catching a legendary bird way before you should be able to, you get a "weakened" one, so you won't be overpower anytime soon.
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