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When you guys play through your Heart Gold and Soul Silver games, do you always register everyone who asks you into your pokegear? Or do you just say no to everybody to avoid the annoying youngster joey and the rings that never seem to stop.

When I first got the game, I was excited about the feature but the more I played through Soul Silver, I found it more and more annoying. So I started to say no to everyone to avoid it all together.

But now, recently, I use a combination of both: For example-

If an old man wants to see me again and asks for my phone number I'm going to say no because that's straight up creepy right?

But if a pretty young thang asks me for my number, of course I'll say yes because that's common sense.

If a trainer wants to battle me again after a heated good battle, I'll accept.

You see, I'll say yes and no to whoever I would in real life, depending on the circumstances I'm under? You follow?

What about you guys?
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