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He got closer to Elise, knowing how scared she was of him, and it infuriated me. "Don't touch her either..." I said trembling. I walked between them, "Don't." I felt a tug on my shirt, and I looked down at Elise.

"I-I'm fine..." She said softly. I don't understand, I thought she wanted me to protect her. I thought. "I mean I have ice powers too, so I can protect myself..." She was struggling to lie like that, but just her saying it should be enough to have them dismiss her as a snow woman. "I'm Elise..." She said, still in a low tone, "I-- We are new to this school. T-twins."

I sighed, we looked nothing alike, and what more what if they asked her to demonstrate her powers."Yea twins." I said, still looking at her, "From the human world."

"A-also Frio didn't make this mess." I was surprised by that statement. Clearly I did it, "It was me... I have no control of my powers..." I didn't react this time, I just turned to the Gavin.

"My name is Frio, and I would appreciate if you did two things." I held up my index finger, "One, don't touch, look, or talk to my sister without my consent. Or if she speaks to you first." That seemed straight forward enough, and I was very direct about it. I added my middle finger in, "Two, judging by your arm and the things on your other arm, I'd assume you are some kind of warlock or something. If you start dabbling in something that can endanger Elise, or the human world." I looked him in the eye, "You'll be missing more than a single arm." I didn't trust this kid, he had less control than me of his powers, and his powers had much more potential than mine.

Elise sat there silently, she both feared and admired Frio's directness. Elise wasn't scared of him though, he had good intentions. She felt sorry for the boy without his arm, he was trying to get stronger just like Frio, and injured himself. The fire he made captivated her, it was what she really noticed about him. Fire had always been an Internet to her though, at camps she would sometimes reach into the camp fire when nobody was looking. It never burned her, it felt weird actually. It felt natural, it felt nice.

It felt good.

She didn't say anything out loud though, silently agreeing with Frio's demands. She looked at her nails, they looked longer than usual. It is nothing she thought.
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