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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
It could be possible although if that's the case it'd basically imply one gender is evil and one gender is good, due to being most likely based around chromosomes. and light is good while dark is evil...
That inference had nothing to do with the X and Y naming. I based it off of the appearance of the Pokémon. As a side note both genders have the X chromosomes. It is just the presence of a Y as opposed to a second X that determines gender. Typically Pokémon Games are named after the mascots.
  • Red => Charizard/Fire
  • Green => Venasaur/Green
  • Blue => Blastoise/Water
  • Yellow => Pikachu/Electric
  • Gold => The color of Ho-oh when Ash sees it in the first episode
  • Silver => Lugia is referred to as a silver colored Pokémon
  • Crystal => the Crystal Bell is the item that summons Suicune
  • Ruby => Groudon and Rubies are the same color
  • Sapphire => Kyogre and Sapphires are the same color
  • Emerald => Raquaza and Emeralds are the same color
  • Diamond => Dialga has a Diamond like gem in its chest
  • Pearl => Palkia has Pearls in its shoulders
  • Platinum => Giratina has Grey in its color scheme the same color as the Element Platinum
  • Black => the color of Zekrom the enemy of Zekrom/Black Kyurem
  • White => the color of Reshiram the enemy of Zekrom/White Kyurem
  • X=> the X in Xerneas's eyes
  • Y => the shape of Yvaltal

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