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Andrew 'Andy' Rede

Night had passed at last, and with it the darkness it always brought. Andy sat on his bed, groggy and disoriented. He hadn't gotten much sleep after what had happened last night, but the sleep he /had/ gotten proved to do nought but make him even more tired. Despite his fatigue, Andy couldn't shake the feeling of dismay at what had come to pass last night. He knew he was going to lose... But to see Catches broken like some kind of farm animal... That wasn't something he or his tyrogue would get over. Last night wasn't going to leave him any time soon... Nor would the image of Jen... Her face was burned into his brain.

It was a little hazy, since Andy could remember only what had happened after the last attack on Catches had been made, but the umbreon had leveled it's opponent, and then lay a paw on Catches' head, as a mocking sign of victory. Jen had seem pleased by that, but even more so that Kiki's pokemon had been just as helpless against her as Catches. Unfortunately, when the battle was nearly over, Kiki had passed out for some reason that her battle partner couldn't fathom. At that, Jen had seemed to be somewhat shocked. Rather than mocking the pair some more, Jen had instead waved Andy away, telling him that the battle was over now. Andy knew knew they were going to lose either way, but was grateful for this due to being able to keep Snaps lest he wouldn't have made it back to the pokemon center in Oak town. He'd barely managed even that. Carrying Kiki all that way had been more difficult than he'd thought, but he since it was for her wellbeing, he had managed to work up the energy from withing him to keep going. When he'd gotten back to the center and gotten bot of their pokemon rested up, Andy had asked the nurse for a map of the school so that he could make his way back to Kiki's dorm and put her in her room. That had been an ordeal on several levels. After having to explain what happened to the nurse(who didn't for one second believe Andy's story about the two being on a date gone wrong), Andy had finally managed to secure a map and had left hurriedly, Cynder not leaving his side the entire time(and handily supplying a light source all the while). Thinking back on it, Andy was a little embarrassed for trying to say Kiki and he had been on a date. At the time(and now too) it seemed like a better thing to say than having been out of bounds on school property. In any case, Andy had managed to get Kiki into her dorm, but then came the next hurdle. Kiki's room. Andy had no idea where it was, and in the end resorted to rummaging through Kiki's things just to find her key. Luckily, her room number was attached to a piece of plastic on the key chain. Finally, Andy had found Kiki's room and had put Kiki in bed fully clothed. He hated to think of her getting too warm... But he didn't want to try the alternative. With that, he had returned to his own room, in which he found himself now.

He was just too tired to move now though. He felt the exhaustion ooze into every part of his body, and without warning, Andy fell back onto his bed, fast asleep.

Indigo Wave

As one youth fell asleep from exhaustion, another awoke refreshed. Indigo sat up in bed with a frown on his face. He always did, even if he didn't realize that this was the case. Indigo had greatly enjoyed last night's comings and goings with Gwen, and he was hoping it would not be the last time they, or indeed he and any other friends he might make, would be spending time together. As Indie got dressed, the thoughts of classes crossed his mind. He was supposed to be attending some today, right? That filled him with dread. Strangers in a classroom. He hated the thought. With that, he lazily glanced at his clock, only for his eyes to widen considerably when he took note of the time.
"What the-!? How did I sleep that long??"
Without another word, Indigo dashed from his room, bag slung over his shoulder and clothes messily thrown on.

- Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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